>> Import services
. Previous assistance and permit procedures for temporary imports
. Checking of shipment arrival
Submission of documents and customs procedures
. Transportation from the airport/port to the exhibition venue
. Unloading of merchandise transported to the exhibition venue and delivery on stand
. Provision of manpower and equipment to unpack merchandises and locate them on stand (assembling and decoration of stand not included)
. Pickup and storage of empty packaging
. Supervision and assistance during the event

>> Return Services
. Reception of written instructions from the exhibitor
. Delivery of empty packaging for re-packing (previously received packaging)
. Provision of manpower and equipment for re-packing
. Marking and labeling
. Pickup of merchandise on stand and departure to airport/port
. Haulage to airport/port
. Submission of documents and cargo before customs office
. Supervision of customs inspection
. Delivery to carrier




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