EXPOTRAN, S. A. offers companies and governmental bodies requiring with services to meet their specific needs regarding all kinds of exhibitions, whether institutional, commercial or artistic, demanding the coordination of different services for the holding of this kind of events within a precise date schedule with accomplishment guaranteed, as well as responsibility.

Our services cover, in a comprehensive way, all the procedures regarding management of merchandise to be exhibited, including a previous study on the operation to be executed, documents analysis, procedures and permits securing, international transportation from places of origin, customs procedures, transportation to the venue of exhibition, delivery on the stand, unpacking, pickup and storage of empty packaging, monitoring and assistance during the event, re-packing and return shipping of the product exhibited to its country of origin or to another exhibition. All these services may be provided individually or jointly.

The aforementioned services are complemented with legal and customs advisory, and storage of products before and after the exhibition.

In this way, EXPOTRAN, S. A. service quality guarantees success and satisfaction of exhibitors.






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