Procedures and Advisory

Expotran has a team of professionals and lawyers working exclusively to meet our customers’ requirements on government formalities and permits at the government agencies in order to facilitate all the foreign trade processes regarding our customers’ imports and projects.

Our advisory team offers a wide range of service options to our customers:

1. Procedures at Government Agencies
Expotran have a group of professionals devoted to deal with permits at diverse government agencies in order to get, among others, Normas Covenin (a quality certification issued by the Venezuelan government), non- national production certificate, import permits for special products, etc.

2. Procedures at SENIAT (customs authorities)
Our service in this area includes advisory, procedures and arrangement of permits for Single Temporary Admissions, or Active Improvement (imports for local production of goods with foreign raw materials), or Passive Improvement (exports for modification or production abroad), permits for goods substitution, appeals before the higher administrative authority, among others.

3. Procedures for Projects
Expotran provides a specialized service of Customs Advisory for Projects, including procedures for tax exemption (when applicable), C.A.U (Unique Tax Classification) permits request and control of these permits and settlement of bonds and reports before the customs authorities.




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